SUV Rollover Accidents in San Diego

According to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, approximately 20% of all fatal car accidents involve a rollover accident. Due to their higher center of gravity, SUVs are more likely to result in rollovers than other types of vehicles. However, this does not mean you are without legal recourse if you were injured or lost a loved one in an SUV rollover accident in San Diego, California. 

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How Our San Diego Car Accident Lawyers Can Help After an SUV Rollover

How Our San Diego Car Accident Lawyers Can Help After an SUV Rollover

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When you hire us to help with your SUV rollover claim, we will:

  • Ensure you receive the exceptional medical care you need 
  • Help you fully understand the legal process and every step involved in it
  • Launch an in-depth investigation into your claim
  • Calculate the full extent of your damages
  • Handle communications with other parties and insurance companies
  • Fight tirelessly to recover the compensation you deserve after a rollover accident

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The Dangers of SUV Rollover Crashes in San Diego

SUVs are more likely to be involved in rollover accidents because of their larger frames and top-heavy nature. Rollovers can be highly dangerous. 

Vehicle occupants can suffer serious injuries, including:

Sadly, these accidents often cause fatalities. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that rollover crashes are more likely to result in fatalities than other types of crashes

A little less than two-thirds of people killed in rollover crashes were completely ejected from the vehicle. The NHTSA also reports that fatal SUV rollovers have more than doubled since 1991.  

Who Is To Blame for SUV Rollover Crashes in San Diego, California? 

According to the NHTSA, most fatal rollover crashes were single-vehicle crashes. However, even if your rollover was a single-vehicle accident, that does not mean you were at fault. Our experienced San Diego personal injury lawyers can explore if any of the following parties are responsible for your injuries:

The Driver of the Vehicle You Were In 

If you were a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in an SUV rollover, you may be able to make an insurance claim with the driver’s insurance provider. 

Many single-vehicle rollover accidents are caused by negligent actions, such as:

An experienced San Diego SUV rollover accident lawyer can help investigate your case and determine what caused it. 

Another Driver 

It is possible that another driver was negligent and caused the accident. Once they impacted the vehicle you were in, this could have caused a chain reaction, culminating in a rollover accident. We can pursue maximum compensation against other negligent drivers who contributed to your injuries. 

An Auto Manufacturer

Auto manufacturers have a legal duty only to sell vehicles that are safe to drive and will provide proper protection in case of a collision. If a manufacturer knew a vehicle had a higher propensity to roll over, they may be responsible for your injuries. 

The Government 

Some rollover accidents are caused by dangerous road conditions, including:

  • Design defects
  • Lack of proper signage
  • Debris in the roadway
  • Uneven roadways
  • Potholes

Whatever the reason for your accident, a full investigation will be necessary to get to the bottom of it. By determining all of the potentially responsible parties, we can identify all potential sources of compensation for your rollover accident. 

Properly Valuing Your San Diego SUV Rollover Accident Claim 

Rollover accidents cause serious injuries that can have a lifelong impact on victims. This is why it is important to consider the full range of possible effects when valuing your claim

In addition to considering present expenses like vehicle repairs, medical expenses, and lost wages, you may need to consider the costs associated with other losses you may suffer, such as:

  • Reduced earning capacity if you are unable to work or must transfer to a less demanding, lower-paying job
  • Paying for household services you can no longer complete on your own, such as cooking, cleaning, childcare, and transportation 
  • Ongoing physical therapy
  • Counseling to address your difficult feelings regarding your injuries 
  • Daily pain and agony brought on by your injuries 

Our San Diego personal injury attorneys will work tirelessly to maximize the value of your claim and seek fair recovery for it. 

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