Car Color & Crash Risk

Many people choose colors they find attractive when deciding on the color of a new vehicle. This is an entirely understandable impulse.

However, personal preference might not be the only factor worth considering when deciding what color of the vehicle to buy. It’s important to understand the link between certain car colors and crash risk when purchasing a vehicle.

This overview will explain which colors you should avoid and which you should consider if you want to be as safe as possible behind the wheel. That said, if you ever are injured in an accident, our car accident attorney in San Diego at Mission Personal Injury Lawyers can help you pursue the compensation you may be owed. Contact us today to learn more.

Which Car Colors Have the Greatest Crash Risk in San Diego?

Which Car Colors Have the Greatest Crash Risk?

According to research, the car colors with the greatest chances of being contributing factors in accidents are:


Research indicates that driving a black or very dark vehicle can increase your chances of being involved in an accident by as much as 47%. You can probably understand why this is the case. The darker your vehicle, the harder it will be for other drivers to see it, particularly at night.


Grey vehicles may also be somewhat difficult to spot. Grey can blend in with the color of the road in many areas. In urban settings, grey vehicles can also blend in with their surroundings. Additionally, foggy or rainy conditions can make seeing a grey vehicle even more challenging. These are all reasons drivers of grey cars are 11% more likely to be involved in accidents when compared to the average driver.


There’s no overall consensus regarding the link between car color and crash risk when vehicles are silver. Some studies have indicated that silver vehicles are actually less likely than others to be involved in accidents. However, other research indicates drivers of silver vehicles are about as likely to be involved in accidents as drivers of grey vehicles.

This could be due to the fact that some vehicles labeled as silver are less-shiny than others. One silver car may be particularly shiny, making it fairly easy to see, while another might be closer to a dull grey tone.


The odds of being involved in an accident when driving a blue car aren’t as great as they may be when you’re driving a black or grey vehicle. That said, blue cars are involved in a relatively high number of accidents.

Once more, this is due to the way a car’s color can blend in with its surroundings. A blue car against a blue sky may be difficult to see. Also, many blue cars can be quite dark.


The degree to which driving a green car may increase your risk of being involved in an accident can depend on your setting. If you’re driving a green vehicle in an urban or industrial setting, your risk of being injured in an accident may not be that high. On the other hand, there is a somewhat greater risk of being in an accident if you’re driving a green car in a more rural, suburban, or wooded area. Additionally, the green color of many large highway signs can also decrease the chances of someone seeing a green car on a busy highway.


Most people might assume that red vehicles would be involved in fewer accidents than most because red is generally noticeable. While this is true, red is also the color of many common road features, such as traffic lights, road signals, police and ambulance lights, and others. In certain conditions, this can allow red vehicles to blend in with their environments.

Which Car Colors Are the Safest in San Diego, CA?

Safety should of course be one of your chief priorities when choosing a vehicle. Thus, you may want to purchase a car in one of these safer colors:


According to research, no matter the time of day, white cars are 12% less likely than black cars to be involved in accidents. This is because white vehicles tend to contrast with their surroundings, except in very snowy areas.

Yellow & Orange

Although there are some exceptions, such as deserts, in most driving environments, yellow and orange vehicles are relatively likely to stand out. This is why the drivers of yellow and orange cars tend to be safer than others behind the wheel.

Color is Just One Potential Factor in a San Diego Car Accident

Choosing the right color can significantly reduce your chances of being involved in an accident. However, no car color can guarantee complete accident prevention. 

After all, the color of your vehicle can’t prevent other drivers from being negligent and:

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