Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in San Diego, CA

In 2019, drivers logged an average of 15,361,300 miles on roads and highways in the city of San Diego every day. And, according to the California Office of Traffic Safety, there were no fewer than 5,578 traffic accidents resulting in injury or death within the city limits that year.

While accidents like these can happen anywhere, there are certain roads and intersections that tend to be more dangerous than others. When you get injured after a car accident, is always a good idea to seek help from a car accident lawyer in San Diego, CA, to help you recover compensation for your damages.

Here’s a breakdown of the most dangerous places to drive in San Diego – where accidents tend to happen more often than other parts of the city.

University Avenue and 52nd Street

University Avenue and 52nd Street

The intersection of University Avenue and 52nd Street is regarded as among the most dangerous in all of San Diego. It’s located in a relatively densely-populated area that’s home to a number of apartment complexes and businesses. These factors may account for the high rate of accidents here.

6th Avenue and Broadway

According to a 2017 report from Circulate San Diego, University Avenue and 52nd Street used to be the most dangerous intersection in the city for pedestrians. However, improvements have been made to make it safer. Now, Circulate San Diego names the intersection of 6th Avenue and Broadway as the city’s most dangerous.

Like University Avenue and 52nd Street, this intersection is in a busy area that’s very close to a light rail station. The busier an intersection, the greater the chances of accidents occurring.

Camino Ruiz & Reagan Road

It’s very common for accidents to occur more often than average at intersections that are near major shopping centers. Camino Ruiz and Reagan Road is one such intersection. It’s particularly unfortunate that this intersection has a relatively high rate of accidents, given its proximity to a high school. 

Although data about the average age of victims involved in accidents here isn’t available, there’s reason to believe accidents at this intersection may be more likely than others to involve young people.

Cesar E. Chavez Parkway & National Ave

Proximity to busy highway entrances and exits is another factor that contributes to a greater risk of accidents occuring. That’s probably why accidents at the intersection of Cesar E. Chavez Parkway and National Avenue are so common.

Linda Vista Road and Glidden Street

Linda Vista Road and Glidden Street is another intersection where accidents may be more common due to the large number of apartment complexes and businesses surrounding it. Similar to the intersection of Camino Ruiz and Reagan Road, it’s upsetting to know accidents are so common here, as a child daycare center is located at one of the corners of the intersection.

Market Street and 30th Street

This intersection is in a fairly busy part of the city, it’s near two bus stops, and it’s close to a highway exit and entrance area. All these factors may contribute to its high rate of accidents.

Additionally, the distance vehicles must cover when traveling through the intersection is relatively large. Sometimes, accidents occur at intersections when drivers misjudge how long it will take to travel through them.

Mission Boulevard and Felspar Street

The intersection of Mission Boulevard and Felspar Street may have a high accident rate due to the large number of businesses near it, combined with the three nearby bus stops. It also attracts numerous pedestrians visiting nearby Pacific Beach.

Factors Contributing to Dangerous San Diego Intersections

Along with the factors already mentioned, such as traffic density and proximity to shopping centers, other factors that may render a San Diego intersection particularly dangerous for drivers and pedestrians include the following:

  • Lack of clear crosswalks
  • Lack of proper lighting
  • Proximity to establishments that sell alcohol
  • Obscured views
  • Inadequate traffic signage and/or signals
  • Poor road conditions
  • Proximity to areas that attract tourists

Community groups like Circulate San Diego have helped by urging city leaders to make changes addressing dangerous conditions at intersections throughout the city. While this has reduced the rate of accidents at some of San Diego’s most dangerous intersections, it hasn’t prevented accidents from occurring entirely. Improved road conditions can’t stop drivers from negligently causing accidents

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