Left-Turn Accidents in San Diego

Left turns can be dangerous. Drivers have to be able to assess traffic patterns from multiple directions and judge when it’s safe to turn. Unfortunately, unsafe left turns are a common cause of car accidents in San Diego, CA. 

If you’ve been hurt in a left-turn accident in San Diego, Mission Personal Injury Lawyers can help.

Our San Diego car accident attorneys have more than 43 years of combined experience fighting for crash victims and families. Since 2010, we’ve developed a reputation as tough, successful attorneys by winning 99 percent of the cases we’ve taken on. 

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How Mission Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Left-Turn Accident in San Diego

How Mission Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Left-Turn Accident in San Diego

A left turn gone wrong can result in a T-bone collision, head-on crash, rollover, highway crash or an intersection collision another type of catastrophic car accident. The resulting injuries can be devastating, or worse – deadly. If you’re hurt in a left-turn collision through little-to-no fault of your own, compensation may be available.

However, insurance companies and at-fault drivers will try to fight to minimize your recovery. They’ll probably try to deny your claim altogether. Our San Diego car accident lawyers can help you fight for compensation and give you the time you need to get better.

Focus on recovering from your physical injuries and trauma while our law firm:

  • Investigates your left-turn crash to determine why it happened and who shares responsibility
  • Gathers evidence, including accident reports, photos and video of the accident scene, witness statements and testimony, medical records, and more
  • Consults with leading car accident experts, including accident reconstructionists, tire track specialists, forensic specialists, vocational rehabilitation experts, and more
  • Defends you against “blame the victim” strategies that could hurt your personal injury case
  • Negotiates with insurance companies and other parties
  • Argues your case at trial before a San Diego County jury

Contact our law office in San Diego to discover why we’re the law firm you’ll want representing you as you fight to get the money you deserve. Our San Diego car accident lawyers are available to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week – so call now.

How Often Do Left Turns Cause Car Accidents in San Diego, California?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), left turns are a “critical pre-crash event” in roughly 22 percent of all motor vehicle accidents.

In other words, left-turns cause nearly one-quarter of all auto accidents across the United States.

Based on San Diego car crash statistics, there were roughly 4,386 left-turn car accidents in San Diego County in 2019.

Who Has the Right of Way When a Vehicle is Turning Left in San Diego?

The driver executing the left-hand turn is making a turn that interferes with the normal traffic pattern. In order to complete the turn, they have to cut across lanes with oncoming traffic. Their maneuver, in turn, creates a potential risk for an accident. So, the driver making the left-hand turn must yield the right of way to others.

Specifically, when making a left turn, drivers must:

  • Yield the right of way to oncoming traffic;
  • Check to see that there are no pedestrians or bicyclists in the turning path; and
  • Wait until it is safe to execute the turn.

Often, left-turn accidents happen because turning motorists fail to yield the right of way to others on the road. This happens with u-turns too.

What Causes Most Left-Turn Accidents in Southern California?

Many left-turn accidents in San Diego happen when the negligent motorist attempting to turn:

  • Misjudges or miscalculates the amount of time they have to complete the maneuver 
  • Fails to look for oncoming traffic before making a turn
  • Fails to slow down before making the turn
  • Attempts to make a left-hand turn from the right or middle lane
  • Fails to use a designated turning lane
  • Fails to look for pedestrians or bicyclists in the turning path
  • Attempts to turn while their view is obstructed
  • Ignores signs prohibiting left turns or makes a left turn at a red light

It’s important to know that the driver making the left-hand turn isn’t always at fault (at least not entirely). Other motorists on the road can be liable, especially if they’re drunk, distracted, or speeding at the time of the collision. Other factors, such as hazardous weather conditions, road defects, and mechanical failures can also sometimes contribute to a crash involving a vehicle turning left.

Our San Diego, CA Car Accident Law Firm Can Help You Seek Compensation

If you’ve been hurt in a left-turn accident in San Diego, Mission Personal Injury Lawyers can help you seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and suffering. Contact our San Diego, CA Car Accident Law Firm to get started with a free case evaluation today.

We’ll listen to your side of the story, assess your case, and help you determine the best legal strategy for a successful financial recovery.

You’ll have a limited time to file a car accident lawsuit in San Diego, California, so give us a call to begin today.

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