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If you’ve been injured in a defective tire vehicle accident in San Diego, California, you may be entitled to a financial award for your injuries.

The San Diego car accident attorneys at Mission Personal Injury Lawyers have significant experience assisting car accident victims in recovering compensation from insurance companies and other defendants.

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How Mission Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Defective Tire Car Accident in San Diego, CA

How Mission Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Defective Tire Car Accident in San Diego, CA

At Mission Personal Injury Lawyers, we treat our clients as if they were members of our own family, and we fight for their rights with the same passion we would for our own. 

Our San Diego personal injury attorneys realize how tough this time is for you. There is no need to go through this on your own.  You can rely on us. We are here to assist you in securing the necessary financial resources to heal.

When you hire us, you can count on us to:

  • Explain your rights and options for holding the tire manufacturer accountable for your crash
  • Investigate the cause of your accident to gather evidence of the defective tire
  • Calculate your damages and losses 
  • Work with leading experts to strengthen your claim
  • Handle communications and negotiations on your behalf
  • Take your case to trial to protect your rights

You can rely on our San Diego personal injury lawyers to handle your situation with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

How Do Defective Tires Cause Car Accidents in San Diego, California?

The quality of the tires is one of the primary contributors to automobile collisions caused by the vehicle itself. Although they are often overlooked, tires are a key component of your car and play a crucial role in avoiding any kind of road defect accidents, single-vehicle accidents, and more.

A faulty tire can cause a serious or fatal car accident if left unchecked.

Types of Tire Defects in San Diego, CA That Can Cause Car Accidents

A tire defect or failure could result in a loss of control, leading to these types of injuries:

Multiple types of flaws could lead to tire failure.

Among the most common causes of blowouts and other tire defects include:

Tread Separation

Tread separation is when the tread breaks away from the tire’s body or casing. This is a significant problem.  The tread separation produced by a manufacturing fault will often be immediately obvious and result in serious balancing difficulties. When a tire’s tread separates while the car is moving, the risk of an accident is high.

Mechanical Issues

Due to uneven tire wear from worn out components or misalignment, tires are susceptible to punctures. Regularly maintaining your vehicle will help you avoid early tire wear caused by mechanical issues.

Materials And Design Defects

Defective tires are a primary cause of tire-related accidents. For example, a tire may be made with substandard components. This is done by tire companies to cut expenses and boost revenues. Unfortunately, inadequate tire materials result in tire degeneration, leading to crashes.

Underfilled or Overfilled Tires

Over-inflated or under-inflated tires can also lead to failure.  Underinflation causes tire deformation. The sidewall flexing may cause the tire to overheat. In the warmer months, tires that are overheated may detach or even explode.

Weak or Old Rubber

Tires do not last forever. They have a defined shelf life. You may believe you are purchasing a brand-new tire, but it may have been sitting on a dealer’s shelf for months. The rubber in older tires is often weaker, causing a hazardous situation when driving.

Indicators To Look for When Inspecting Your Tires in San Diego

According to studies conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, many motorists do not properly maintain their tires to ensure safe road conditions.

Other tire inspection elements include:

  • Varying treadwear
  • Splits or fissures in the sidewall
  • Faded tread
  • Driving vibrations that may indicate internal problems or misalignment

The majority of tires have a warranty that covers them for a certain number of miles or a certain amount of time. If you suspect your tires are damaged and they come with a warranty, take advantage by having your tires inspected and replaced.

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You can hold a tire manufacturer strictly liable for your damages after a defective tire car accident. At Mission Personal Injury Lawyers, we have assisted countless accident victims in obtaining the compensation they need to move on with their lives after a devastating car accident. We will work hard to achieve a similar result for you.

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