Head-on Crashes in San Diego, CA

Accidents involving frontal impacts are extremely dangerous for vehicle occupants. They can result in serious injuries and, in turn, serious losses. You deserve skilled legal representation after your head-on crash in San Diego, CA.

Our San Diego head-on crash lawyers at At Mission Personal Injury Lawyers can work to get you the compensation you deserve after a motor vehicle accident. We have over 43 years of combined legal experience and boast a 99% success record for the cases we handle.

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How Our San Diego Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You Recover the Money You Deserve

How Our San Diego Personal Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You Recover the Money You Deserve

Proving fault for a head-on collision may be challenging. It can be difficult to establish who caused the crash, depending on the position of the cars after the accident. If you cannot prove that the other driver caused the crash, you will not be able to recover money for your injuries and damages. 

Our San Diego car accident attorneys at Mission Personal Injury Lawyers can gather the evidence required to prove fault, causation, and liability. We have considerable resources, skills, and experience handling car accident cases. 

When you hire our award-winning, top-rated legal team, you can expect us to:

  • Thoroughly investigate your car accident to gather evidence proving fault and liability
  • Document your injuries and damages to calculate the value of your claim
  • Work with expert witnesses, as necessary, to build a case against the other driver
  • File insurance claims and negotiate settlements 
  • Monitor deadlines for filing a lawsuit in San Diego, California

Our goal is to settle your injury claim as quickly as possible for the maximum compensation available for your case. However, we will not compromise your best interest to settle a claim.

Call us now to schedule a free consultation with one of our San Diego injury attorneys. Understanding your options and legal rights is the first step in recovering the money you deserve.

What is a Head-On Crash?

A head-on crash is a front impact accident or frontal crash. Two vehicles traveling in opposite directions crash into each other head-to-head. The damage can be severe, especially when one or both vehicles are traveling at high speeds.

Sideswipe accidents are similar to head-on crashes, except the impact is more to the side. As a result, these types of accidents do not produce as high pf a level of damage and injuries as a direct head-on crash.

In 2019, San Diego County reported 5,578 fatal and injury car accidents, including head-on crashes. Head-on accidents account for less than three percent of the traffic crashes nationwide in 2019 but caused 11 percent of the traffic fatalities. 

Common Causes of Head-On Accidents in San Diego

The causes of head-on crashes vary. Common reasons for head-on accidents include:

Head-on accidents can occur anywhere, but they often occur at intersections and roads without medians or barriers. 

Injuries Caused by Head-On Collisions in San Diego, California

The injuries caused by a frontal impact accident are often traumatic. Even when the occupants are wearing seatbelts, the risk of injury is high in a head-on crash.

Common injuries in head-on collisions include:

The risk of being ejected during a head-on collision increases when a person does not wear a seatbelt. However, seatbelts can malfunction, resulting in the person being thrown from the vehicle on impact. The worst-case scenario is a wrongful death.

Determining Damages and Liability for a Head-On Crash in San Diego

The damages caused by a head-on accident may include property damage, non-economic damages (pain and suffering), and economic damages (monetary losses). In addition, you may be entitled to reimbursement for medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, and lost wages

Liability for damages rests with the driver who caused the accident. Failing to obey traffic laws and exercise a reasonable level of care can result in liability for a head-on accident.

Proving negligence for a head-on crash requires that you have evidence showing the other driver caused the crash. Our experienced and knowledgeable car accident lawyers will gather evidence from many sources to prove fault. 

Evidence that may be used to prove fault for a head-on crash include:

  • Police reports and accident reports
  • Testimony from eyewitnesses and the drivers
  • Video from traffic cameras and surveillance cameras
  • Physical evidence from the accident scene and the vehicles
  • Information from the vehicle’s black box and other systems
  • Evidence from expert witnesses, including accident reconstructionists 

Our San Diego head-on car accident lawyers will aggressively fight allegations of contributory fault that could reduce the value of your injury claim. 

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