When Do You Need to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in San Diego?

The time after a car accident can be an overwhelming period of your life for many reasons. For example, your car accident may have left you with injuries that require costly medical treatment.

During this period, you may also need to make certain critical decisions. One of them might involve determining when you need to hire a car accident lawyer.

It’s almost always a good idea to hire an attorney after a car accident in San Diego. This is particularly true if your accident was the result of another party’s negligence. To better understand why hiring an attorney in these circumstances is smart, consider the following points.

The Main Reason to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

You’re more likely to get the compensation you deserve when you hire a lawyer after an accident. California is an at-fault state in regard to car accidents and insurance. That means you can file a claim or lawsuit to pursue compensation from the insurance of the negligent party who caused your accident. Ideally, their insurance will compensate you for such losses as your medical bills and lost wages.

You are not necessarily guaranteed a payout simply because you filed a claim. You need to prove another party’s negligence caused your accident to demonstrate why you are eligible for compensation. This is a legal issue that is tough to navigate on your own.

This may require investigating the accident to gather evidence. Keep in mind, even when accidents result from negligence, it’s not always immediately clear exactly who the negligent party is.

You likely aren’t prepared to conduct such an investigation on your own. A lawyer can help in this capacity.

It’s also worth noting that an insurance company may try to convince you to settle for less than your claim is worth if you work with them directly. You need assistance from a legal professional who is qualified to negotiate on your behalf.

Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer is a Financially Smart Decision

Some car accident victims choose not to hire attorneys because they mistakenly believe that doing so will be too costly. This is a logical concern, but it’s rooted in a misunderstanding of how car accident lawyers operate.

Most car accident lawyers (and personal injury attorneys in general) use the contingency fee approach when billing their clients. This fee system ensures that clients do not need to pay any legal fees unless they recover compensation. Typically, the fee a client pays is a percentage of the compensation their attorney recovers for them.

There’s essentially no financial risk involved in hiring an attorney. However, because a lawyer can improve a victim’s chances of receiving a fair settlement offer, there are usually financial advantages to hiring a lawyer.

The initial consultation with an attorney is also free. You don’t have to worry that you’ll pay for a consultation only to decide a particular lawyer or firm is not right for your case. If you decide you don’t want to hire a lawyer after meeting with them, or if they believe you don’t have a strong case, you don’t owe them anything.

How Hiring a Car Accident Attorney Makes the Aftermath of an Accident Easier

Again, after being involved in a car accident, you may face a range of challenges. Your injuries can cause pain, prevent you from participating in activities you once enjoyed, and much more.

You should focus on your recovery during this time. It’s not necessary to burden yourself with the task of putting together an insurance claim or lawsuit. You will have more time and freedom to prioritize resting and recovering if an experienced legal professional is handling your claim for you.

Lawyers also understand how to compose effective claims. If you submit a claim that isn’t thorough enough or has certain errors in it, your chances of recovering compensation may be harmed.

While you’ll hopefully never be involved in a car accident, if you are, it’s always worth your time to review your case with a personal injury lawyer in San Diego. At the very least, they can provide you with more information about your legal options.

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