Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections in El Paso, TX

Most drivers are aware of dangerous locations. And police officers know they respond to car accidents in certain locations more often than others. Research proves that this anecdotal evidence supports a real phenomenon. Crashes tend to cluster, for various reasons, along particular routes.

If you get into a crash on the most dangerous roads/intersections in El Paso, TX, the at-fault driver may try to blame road design, lighting, or traffic congestion. A lawyer from Mission Personal Injury Lawyers can help you prove the other driver’s negligence and recover the compensation you deserve under Texas law.

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How Mission Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Car Accident in El Paso, TX

How Mission Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Car Accident in El Paso, TX

Since 2010, Mission Personal Injury Lawyers has represented accident victims against those who injured them. Our El Paso car accident lawyers have over 43 years of combined experience standing up to at-fault parties and their insurers for fair compensation.

After a car crash in El Paso, Texas, our attorneys provide:

  • A free case evaluation to assess the strength of your case
  • Evidence-gathering and an accurate calculation of your damages
  • Aggressive negotiation to try to settle your insurance claim quickly and fairly
  • Tireless work to litigate your case if the insurer refuses to settle

Car accident injuries can require costly treatment. Contact Mission Personal Injury Lawyers to discuss your crash and the compensation you can seek for your injuries under Texas law.

Why Do Crash Hot Spots Form?

El Paso had 19,825 traffic crashes in 2022, according to a query on Texas’s Crash Records Information System (CRIS). 7,865 of these crashes happened at intersections. And 4,608 occurred on just five interstate and U.S. highways.

Crash hot spots often form in locations like these when local conditions amplify dangerous driving behaviors. For example, drivers may tend to speed on roads with speed limits set too high. Similarly, tailgating may happen more often on congested roads. And intersections with confusing layouts may see higher-than-normal numbers of turning crashes.

Where Do Crashes Happen in El Paso, Texas?

El Paso sees a lot of vehicle traffic. The city sits on I-10, a major east-west route starting in Santa Monica, California, and running to Jacksonville, Florida. Tourists and truckers travel this interstate while traveling through the southern U.S.

El Paso is also home to the second-busiest crossing on the U.S.-Mexico border. Nearly one million personal vehicles and tens of thousands of semi-trucks cross at Paso del Norte every month. These trucks crisscross El Paso as they travel through both nations.

Finally, El Paso is a bustling city with nearly 680,000 residents. These locals use the city’s roads and highways as they travel to work and school.

All of this traffic translates to a lot of crashes. More importantly, these crashes tend to cluster on a few busy roads and intersections.

Dangerous Roads in El Paso

Road crashes can happen in a few ways. Sideswipe collisions occur when drivers change lanes unsafely. The side of one vehicle brushes the side of another. In most cases, these crashes cause only minor injuries.

Rear-end collisions cause more serious injuries than sideswipe crashes. Vehicle occupants might suffer whiplash, concussions, and bone fractures in rear-end crashes.

These collisions happen when a driver slams into the rear of another vehicle. 

Causes of rear-end crashes include:

Some roads where crashes cluster include:

  • I-10
  • TX-20/Mesa St.
  • TX-375 LOOP
  • US-85/Stanton St.
  • US-62/Paisano Dr.
  • US-54
  • Texas Ave.
  • Montana Ave.
  • TX-478 LOOP/Dyer St.

Environmental and road conditions can increase the risk of rear-end and sideswipe crashes. These roads have traffic congestion and fast speed limits that can encourage drivers to speed and tailgate.

Dangerous Intersections in El Paso

Drivers collide at intersections when one driver fails to yield the right of way to another driver. 

Some ways these crashes happen include the following:

  • Failing to stop at a red light or stop sign
  • Failing to yield at a yield sign or yellow light
  • Going through a controlled intersection out of turn
  • Turning into the path of an approaching vehicle

Intersection crashes often cause serious injuries, particularly when they involve side-impact collisions. When one vehicle smashes into the side of another vehicle, the door can collapse. The occupant nearest the collapsed door can get crushed.

Some El Paso intersections that see a lot of crashes include:

  • I-10 at TX-20/Mesa St.
  • I-10 at US-62/Paisano Dr.
  • Resler Dr. and TX-20/Mesa St.
  • US-62/Paisano Dr. and US-85/Stanton St.
  • US-62/Paisano Dr. and Campbell St.
  • TX-601 SPUR and US-54

Pedestrian accidents also happen at intersections. The most dangerous intersections for pedestrians include TX-20/Mesa St and Cincinnati Ave.

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