Why Do Rear-End Collisions Happen in San Diego and Who’s to Blame?

There is a misconception that rear-end accidents are always minor. In reality, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports that 29% of all car crashes are rear-end collisions. Rear-end collisions kill 1,700 people and injure  500,000 each year. Rear-end crashes are written off as minor… read more

Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident in San Diego?

Car accidents are not always devastating. Some result in major injury, but some just cause minor hassle.  If you’re involved in a car accident in San Diego, it’s important to understand that California is an at-fault state. That means you can file an insurance claim… read more

Secrets of Accident Claims Against GEICO REVEALED!

GEICO is the nation’s second-largest insurance provider for car coverage, insuring over 28 million vehicles in the United States. It has two local offices in San Diego alone.  GEICO is a popular choice for car insurance because it has a reputation for being inexpensive (and… read more

What Happens When You Are At Fault for a Car Accident in San Diego, CA?

California uses a fault-based insurance system. If you bear the fault for a car accident in San Diego, CA, you are liable for the damages resulting from the accident. You will also have no recourse to recover compensation for your injuries. You could pay for… read more

When Do You Need to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

The time after a car accident can be an overwhelming period of your life for many reasons. For example, your car accident may have left you with injuries that require costly medical treatment. During this period, you may also need to make certain critical decisions…. read more

What Are the Rules in California Regarding Stopping for a School Bus?

As the school year commences in California, it’s important that all motorists are familiar with our state’s laws regarding stopping for school buses. School buses transport vulnerable children. Therefore, the penalties for breaking these laws can be significant. You might also face an insurance claim… read more

How Does the Car Accident Settlement Process Work in San Diego, CA?

Most car accident cases don’t end up going to trial. Over half of them settle before the injured party files a lawsuit. And of those cases that do not settle pre-trial, fewer than 5% reach a jury. However, insurers do not automatically settle every case…. read more

How to Find Out if Someone Has Car Insurance in San Diego, CA?

The rate of car accidents in San Diego is on the rise. While you’ll hopefully never be involved in one, it’s important to understand your rights after a car accident. Your car accident may have been the result of someone else’s negligence. California is an… read more

Are Self-Driving Cars Safe?

Cars that can drive themselves without a human behind the wheel were once nothing more than a sci-fi trope. That may change within your lifetime. Several automotive companies have been experimenting with self-driving cars in recent years. Some have even claimed that self-driving cars will… read more

10 Worst Celebrity Car Accidents

Anyone can suffer a fatal injury in a car accident, including celebrities. Artists, athletes, actors, military leaders, academics, and even royalty have died in car and motorcycle accidents. Distracted driving, speeding, intoxication, and bad weather play a part in these celebrity car accidents. So which… read more