Types of Commercial Driver’s Licenses

Drivers who wish to operate large commercial vehicles are required by law to obtain special licensing. The type of license a driver must get depends on the type of vehicle they intend to operate. Requiring a proper license is just one way that state and… read more

How Much Does a Semi Truck Weigh?

Our economy runs on our nation’s commercial trucking fleet. At any given time, there are tens of thousands of semi-trucks traveling the country’s roads and highways.  These trucks can be very dangerous if they’re involved in an accident. Just because of their size and weight,… read more

What is MCS 90?

Unless you work in the commercial trucking industry, you may not be familiar with MCS 90. However, MCS 90 can significantly impact the outcome of a truck accident claim. It could mean the difference between receiving a fair settlement for your damages and receiving nothing… read more

How Long Does it Take to Settle an 18-Wheeler Accident Case?

Accidents involving 18-wheelers or semi-trucks are more complicated than those involving passenger vehicles. Truck accidents frequently involve catastrophic injuries and permanent disabilities. Therefore, it can take longer to settle an 18-wheeler accident case. Furthermore, you are dealing with a trucking company and its insurance provider,… read more

Can Trucks Drive in the Left Lane in San Diego?

In most cases, the left-most lane on a multi-lane highway is reserved for the fastest traffic on the road. That’s why the left lane is often referred to as the “passing lane.” Lane restrictions apply to all multi-lane highways in San Diego and across California. … read more