What is MCS 90?

Unless you work in the commercial trucking industry, you may not be familiar with MCS 90. However, MCS 90 can significantly impact the outcome of a truck accident claim. It could mean the difference between receiving a fair settlement for your damages and receiving nothing… read more

How Long Does it Take to Settle an 18-Wheeler Accident Case?

Accidents involving 18-wheelers or semi-trucks are more complicated than those involving passenger vehicles. Truck accidents frequently involve catastrophic injuries and permanent disabilities. Therefore, it can take longer to settle an 18-wheeler accident case. Furthermore, you are dealing with a trucking company and its insurance provider,… read more

Can Trucks Drive in the Left Lane in San Diego?

In most cases, the left-most lane on a multi-lane highway is reserved for the fastest traffic on the road. That’s why the left lane is often referred to as the “passing lane.” Lane restrictions apply to all multi-lane highways in San Diego and across California. … read more