Dog Bite Statistics Per Breed

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How to Choose the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in El Paso, TX

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What Is a Lien on a Personal Injury Case?

A “lien” on a personal injury case typically refers to when you use your prospective personal injury compensation to guarantee payment of your medical expenses. You will need medical services immediately, but you will have to wait for your personal injury compensation. In fact, you… read more

Symptoms of a Broken Tailbone

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3 Elements of Standing To Sue

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The Process of Receiving a Settlement Check in Texas

After the process of a personal injury lawsuit concludes, the plaintiff will receive a settlement check if they are victorious at trial or if the other party agrees to the terms of the settlement beforehand.  Most plaintiffs are eager to receive their settlement payment, especially… read more

Basic El Paso Personal Injury Settlement Breakdown: How Much Goes in My Pocket?

Personal injury cases are about getting justice. That means holding negligent people responsible. You can’t go back in time, but you can get compensation for your expenses and the trauma that has unfairly been thrown upon you. As a result, personal injury cases are about… read more

Everything You Need To Know About Blunt Force Head Trauma

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How Long Does It Take To Get a Personal Injury Settlement Check in California?

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How Much Does a California Personal Injury Lawyer Make?

You might have seen an advertisement for a personal injury lawyer or law firm that says something similar to, “it costs nothing upfront to hire us” or “we only make money if we win your case.” These statements might sound strange or perhaps even too… read more