What Does a Car Accident Lawyer in San Diego Do? 

Car accident lawyers help accident victims get compensation for their injuries and losses after an accident. Car accidents are scary and traumatic events. They also can have significant financial impacts on victims. 

Car accident lawyers help victims get the compensation they deserve after sustaining injuries and losses due to a collision. 

How a San Diego Car Accident Lawyer Helps Accident Victims 

In California, the at-fault party is responsible for paying the damages of other accident victims. The first thing your personal injury lawyer will do is investigate your case to determine who was responsible. 

If they determine that another driver was responsible, they’ll begin building a case to help you get the compensation you deserve. 

Gathers Evidence

Your lawyer will gather evidence to show who was responsible for the accident, including: 

  • Accident or police reports
  • Witness testimony
  • Photos or videos of the accident 
  • Expert testimony 

Your car accident attorney will use the evidence to strengthen your case and establish that you suffered damages. 

Evaluates Damages

Your lawyer will also calculate damages. This sounds straightforward but can be a complicated process. This can be particularly complicated if you have long-term injuries. 

Your lawyer will calculate damages and gather evidence to support your claim, including: 

  • Medical bills and records
  • Employment records and pay stubs
  • Receipts for physical therapy, occupational therapy, or home care
  • Expert testimony 
  • Witness testimony 

Your lawyer will use this evidence to present a demand letter or demand package to the responsible party’s insurance company. They will negotiate with the insurance company to ensure they make a fair settlement offer. If the insurance company fails to make a fair settlement offer, your lawyer will file a lawsuit and represent you in court. 

Handles Administrative Tasks

Throughout the process, your legal team will handle all administrative tasks. This includes responding to correspondence, complying with all applicable deadlines, and filing your case within the statute of limitations

Dealing with insurance companies and filing a personal injury claim can be complicated. A personal injury lawyer handles all steps of the process. This means accident victims can focus on getting their lives back to normal and have peace of mind knowing that their rights are represented. 

Damages You Can Recover After a California Car Accident

One of the most important things California car accident attorneys do for their clients is calculate damages. The process can be complicated, especially if you have long-term injuries or a permanent disability after your accident. 

Damages in personal injury cases are intended to make accident victims “whole” after an accident. This means compensating them for all of their losses because of the accident, including economic and non-economic damages

California accident victims can recover damages for: 

A car accident lawyer will gather the evidence to calculate and support your claim for damages. Your lawyer will also negotiate with insurance companies to ensure you get the compensation you deserve after an accident. 

A San Diego Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Recover Compensation

Suppose you’ve been in a car accident or have questions about California personal injury laws; a San Diego car accident attorney can help. San Diego car accident lawyers can analyze your case and discuss your rights and legal options for pursuing justice after a collision. They’ll give you a strategy for moving forward and ensure you get the compensation you deserve after a car accident.

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