Tips on Staying Safe When Taking an Uber or Lyft in California

Uber and Lyft have changed everything when it comes to traveling by car. With rideshare options abundant in many cities, it’s easier than ever to find a ride when you really need one.

Ubers and Lyfts are generally safe to use, and both platforms take rider safety extremely seriously. To work for Uber and Lyft, drivers must abide by certain requirements, including passing a background check and a vehicle inspection, to ensure they and their vehicles are rider-ready. 

Additionally, Uber publishes yearly safety reports, and Lyft recently followed suit, publishing its first-ever safety report.

Still, as an Uber and Lyft user in California, you should always help yourself and try to ensure your own safety. The following tips can help you ride safer and minimize your risks of potential harm.

Check the Vehicle’s License Plate Before Getting In

The moment Uber and Lyft apps match you with a driver, you’ll see the driver and vehicle information. Among these details, you’ll see the vehicle’s make, model, color, and license plate number.

Before getting in any rideshare vehicle, make sure you double-check that the license plate you see matches the one on the app. It is not uncommon for riders to accidentally get in the wrong vehicle, especially if it’s the same car and color. 

Also, drivers may try to work using a different vehicle than the one registered with the company, but both Uber and Lyft do not allow drivers to switch out vehicles. Therefore, if the car does not totally match what you see on the app, just cancel and request another ride. 

Share Your Travel Information With Family or Friends Through the App

To promote safety, both Uber and Lyft apps allow riders to share their exact location with whomever they choose. When you share your details with a contact, they’ll be able to see the driver’s information and exactly where you are on a map. 

Be Mindful of Where You Sit

While there are no rules dictating where you must sit in a rideshare vehicle, you should aim to sit in the back seat, and if possible, on the passenger’s side. 

When you sit on the passenger’s side of the back seat, this gives you a greater view of the driver. If they’re acting strangely or fidgeting, you’ll be able to see them better than if you were sitting directly behind them. 

Always Wear Your Seat Belt

Safety first is a common principle — and it also applies to rideshare vehicles. In the event of an accident, you’ll be better protected if you’re wearing your seat belt. Most drivers prefer for their passengers to put on their seat belts, too. 

Avoid Sharing Personal Information With Your Driver

While Uber and Lyft drivers are able to see some rider information, the details they see are limited. Your driver will never have any specific personal information, like your phone number or home address. 

Avoid volunteering any information, and if your driver asks personal questions, don’t provide specific details. 

Trust Your Intuition — If Something Feels Off, Take Action

You’ve probably heard “trust your intuition” time and time again, and for good reason. 

If you feel like something is not right, never hesitate to simply get out of the vehicle when possible. An abundance of caution can help you avoid potentially dangerous situations. Additionally, Uber and Lyft apps allow riders to report when they feel unsafe directly on the apps. 

While riding in rideshare vehicles is generally safe, remaining alert and taking steps to ensure your own safety are key. 

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