The Effects of Airbag Deployment in Your San Diego Car Accident Claim

Car accidents can be physically, financially, and emotionally devastating for everyone involved. Because of the high stakes, every detail matters when it comes to filing a claim. In San Diego, whether an airbag deployed during your crash can impact the chances of securing a settlement, as well as how much you win. 

Front-end airbags have helped increase the safety of the vast majority of automobiles, so much so that installing an airbag is now standard practice for automobile companies. Airbags are vital when it comes to more severe car crashes, but there are circumstances that may interfere with the airbag’s ability to function properly. 

Here is how airbag deployment can have far-reaching implications for your car accident injury claim

Proper Airbag Deployment and Insurance Companies

If you were in a car accident and your airbag deployed properly, it can have a positive impact on your settlement. One of the most difficult parts of obtaining economic damages after a car accident is convincing insurance companies that the accident was a significant one. 

If your airbag deploys during a car accident, insurance companies will generally label your crash as serious because it typically takes substantial impact to set an airbag off. 

However, the intensity of impact isn’t the only factor that triggers an airbag to deploy. The speed the vehicle is traveling, the weight of the driver, and the angle of contact between vehicles also impact whether an airbag deploys. 

This means that an airbag might not deploy even in a high-impact car crash. Insurance companies know this, so it’s still possible for you to pursue significant damages even if your airbag doesn’t deploy. 

How Do Airbag Injuries Impact a Car Accident Claim?

Even though airbags are supposed to save your life and protect you from serious injury, they can also cause their own injuries. It’s especially possible for airbags to cause harm if you are not observing other basic safety procedures while driving. 

For example, if you’re not wearing your seat belt when your airbag deploys, you’re in danger of being severely or fatally injured by the airbag. The lack of force restraining you may result in your chest colliding with the airbag. 

While observing basic safety practices can be helpful when it comes to airbag deployment, it’s also very possible to be injured even after following all recommendations. 

Common injuries caused by airbag deployment include: 

The amount and severity of these injuries significantly affect how much compensation you may be able to seek in your car accident claim. Generally, the more seriously you are injured, the more likely you are to receive a higher settlement. This can be especially true if the airbag caused injuries due to a defect.

What if Your Airbag Is Defective?

If your airbag didn’t deploy properly during your car accident despite the fact that you were observing responsible safety practices, your claim might get a little more complicated. 

A defective airbag may deploy when it’s not supposed to, or it may send sharp pieces of metal and plastic into the faces, necks, and chests of drivers — in addition to the injuries caused by the actual accident. 

In these cases, both the other driver and your car manufacturer may be to blame, which may leave you eligible for more than one settlement. 

Airbags and Your Car Accident Settlement in San Diego, CA

Airbags play a key part in minimizing injuries during a car accident. However, as with any product, airbags can malfunction. Whether an airbag is defective can greatly impact your claim. 

And if your airbag did deploy properly, your insurance company may classify your accident as serious, which can increase your chance of receiving a higher settlement. 

A qualified San Diego car accident attorney can determine the role of airbags in your case.

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