The Deadliest Highway Stretches in California

California’s roads and interstates are notoriously busy and often top the list of the most dangerous places to drive. Considering the enormous number of motorists on the road at any given moment, this is no surprise. 

In California, a route may be regarded as “hazardous” for various reasons, such as its condition, how straightforward it is to navigate, or other drivers’ known poor driving habits.

Whether you’re a California resident or just visiting as a tourist, it’s crucial to be aware of some of the state’s riskier roadways and use caution when driving on them. It might just help you avoid a car accident.

State Route 99

According to recent research, California’s State Route 99 is the nation’s most hazardous route. This was calculated by looking at how frequently deadly vehicle accidents occur on different roadways around the country. Route 99, the “winner,” had more than 62 fatal collisions every 100 miles.

Sierra Highway in Los Angeles County

Another one of the deadliest highway stretches throughout California is a 3.51-mile segment of the Sierra Highway in Canyon Country. Motor vehicle accident reports show that there are nearly 2.85 fatalities per mile over this three-mile stretch.

California Highway 1

The longest road in California, California Highway 1, is 656 miles long and travels along the state’s coast. But this route’s small, twisting sections are as dangerous as they are picturesque. 

The vistas regularly cause drivers to become distracted while driving, and rain can occasionally trigger mudslides and rockslides. Some motorists have catastrophic accidents when they go off the road since it runs beside high cliffs.

How to Stay Safe on Dangerous Highways 

You may take the following actions, among others, to be safe on high-risk highways:

Don’t Drive While Impaired

Drunk driving is a serious issue on highways and city streets. In the United States, one person per 45 minutes dies in an accident involving drunk driving, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Of course, drinking alcohol isn’t the only way to impair your ability to drive. Using drugs (like marijuana) or driving while tired may be fatal for motorists, passengers, and drivers alike.

Avoid Driving in Dangerous Conditions

Take some time to check the weather before you get on the road. Smartphones, smartwatches, and other linked gadgets have made getting the most recent weather prediction more straightforward. Avoid driving during periods of bad weather, such as during heavy fog or downpours.

Skip Rush Hour

It’s generally not a good idea to make your trip on the interstate during the peak of the weekday rush hour. The same goes for picking a wide, six-lane roadway for your first driving experience.

Instead, carefully consider the timing of your trip. Try to pick a local roadway that isn’t very broad or congested. The peak period for highway traffic, known as “rush hour,” often occurs between 8 and 10 a.m. and 4 to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Refrain from Driving at Night 

In addition to having less vision while driving at night or in the early morning hours, these times are more likely to have intoxicated or tired drivers on the road.

Beware of Using the Left Lane

The left lane has more accidents than any other lane on a roadway. Stay in the center lane if you’re on a three-lane highway unless you’re passing another car or your exit is close. If the road has two lanes, unless you are passing, keep to the right.

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