Rear-End Collision Injuries in San Diego and How You Can Recover

According to the California Highway Patrol, rear-end collisions cause more injuries than any other type of collision. Nearly 35% of car accident injuries result from a rear-end collision.

At the same time, rear-end collisions only cause about 10% of California’s traffic deaths. This means that rear-end collisions are more likely to injure you than kill you.

Keep reading to learn some facts about rear-end collision injuries in San Diego and what you can do to recover from them.

How Rear-End Collision Injuries Happen

During a car crash, your body keeps moving forward at the same speed as before the collision. If you get hit from the rear, the sudden jolt of speed will cause your back to hit your back and propel you forward.

You will likely react by hitting your brakes. Your body will continue moving forward until you hit the seat belt, dashboard, steering wheel, or airbag. You then rebound back into your seat.

The reverse happens when you rear-end another car. The sudden stop causes you to bend forward until you hit your safety restraints. You will fall back into your seat after your vehicle comes to a stop.

These violent motions can cause many different types of injuries.

Common Rear-End Collision Injuries

Some common rear-end collision injuries include the following:

Strained Chest

Nearly every rear-end collision causes a seat belt injury. Whether you are in the front vehicle or the rear vehicle, your body will probably hit your seat belt. This could bruise your chest. You could also strain the muscles and tendons in your chest.


The back-and-forth whipping motion characteristic of rear-end collisions can cause whiplash. Whiplash happens when the muscles and tendons in your neck stretch or tear. It can also result from the stretching or tearing of the ligaments that hold the vertebrae together in your cervical spine.

Fractured Vertebrae

As you whip back and forth, your spine hyperextends and compresses. This force can fracture your vertebrae. A fractured vertebra can slip out of place, severing or compressing the spinal cord.

Compressed Discs

Discs sit between vertebrae. They cushion the vertebrae and give your spine its flexibility.

The hyperextension and compression of your spine can damage your discs. A bulged or herniated disc can cause a spinal cord injury as it impinges on the nerves running through the spine.


A concussion happens when your brain sloshes around inside your skull. Even if the brain does not hit the inside of your skull, it can suffer damage from the pressure waves as it moves around.

As your brain becomes inflamed from the brain injury, you may experience headaches, confusion, and other cognitive symptoms.

Fractured Facial Bones

Manufacturers do not design airbags to deploy when cars get rear-ended. As a result, you might hit your face on the steering wheel or dashboard in a rear-end collision. The impact can fracture bones in your face.

Injured Thumbs

In the rear vehicle, the airbags will deploy. The explosive inflation of the airbag out of the steering column can fracture or sprain your thumbs.

Recovery from Rear-End Collision Injuries

Your recovery after a rear-end collision will depend on the nature of your injuries. You should always get a medical examination after a rear-end collision. A medical examination will:

  • Diagnose injuries
  • Identify hidden injuries
  • Document your injuries for your insurance claim
  • Prescribe a course of treatment

An examination after an accident will put you on the path to recovery rather than letting your injuries worsen. This improves your chances of recovering both your health and accident compensation for your injuries.

If someone else is responsible for your rear-end collision, they may owe you compensation for your related losses. You may be able to file a claim or lawsuit against the at-fault party’s insurer to recover compensation for your damages. A personal injury lawyer can help you obtain economic damages to cover your medical treatments and other financial losses. They can also help you seek non-economic damages to compensate for your pain and suffering.

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