Is a Motorcycle Really Worth the Cost?

Ever since James Dean and Fonzie burst onto the screen riding motorcycles, motorcycles have been associated with rebellious youth. While there is some truth to the idea that motorcycles are popular with teenagers, they also offer benefits to other demographics. Depending on your lifestyle, a motorcycle can be the perfect vehicle in which to invest.

Continue reading to learn some advantages and disadvantages of owning a motorcycle. 

Save Money on Gas

Gas prices always seem to be creeping up. Gas cost less than a dollar per gallon in the 80s, and 40 years later, it averaged approximately four times as much.

Motorcycles offer the best gas mileage of any vehicle on the road. They have an average fuel economy that is almost twice that of the average car. Due to the size of the fuel tank, you need to refuel a little more frequently, but the savings are significant.

No Need for a Garage

Most cars weigh one to two tons and require as much space as an average child’s bedroom to store. Motorcycles weigh a few hundred pounds and can easily fit in a small shed (probably with enough room for a second motorcycle). 

Most motorcycles can even be stored outdoors under a tarp without the risk of being damaged by weather. This is helpful for anyone who doesn’t have easy access to a garage or shed.

Cars Are Expensive

It can be challenging to purchase a new car. The average cost for a new, full-size car in 2020 was over $36,000. However, the average cost of a new motorcycle in the same year was less than half that. The lowest price for a new motorcycle was in the mid-thousands. Even used cars are difficult to find for prices that low.

Safety Concerns for Motorcycle Riders

So far, all of the benefits of a motorcycle have been financial. But what about safety? Motorcycles have a reputation for being unsafe. While that reputation is a bit unfair, it isn’t entirely undeserved.

Motorcycle riders get into roughly as many accidents per mile driven as car drivers. However, motorcycles have extremely limited safety features, so riders are much more likely to suffer serious injuries or death as a result of an accident. This is why you should be diligent about wearing helmets and other safety gear while riding a motorcycle. 

You also should seriously consider taking a safe driving course to better protect yourself.

Motorcycle Storage Is Non-Existent

Most motorcycles have a small storage compartment under the seat. This compartment holds less than most backpacks. If you are considering a motorcycle, understand that you can’t travel with any meaningful luggage.

Who Should Purchase a Motorcycle?

A motorcycle is inexpensive, both to purchase and maintain. It has almost no storage and is safest when used to drive around urban areas. 

As a result, motorcycles are generally a good investment for:

  • People with short daily commutes
  • People who don’t live with family
  • Teenagers and young adults

The last category is particularly well suited for motorcycle ownership. As long as the owner is responsible, the low cost is ideal for young people who can’t afford a car. Young people usually have little need for storage space or extra seats and rarely travel far. And best of all, a newer motorcycle is less likely to break down than an older used car.

Lifestyle Dictates Your Choice to Purchase a Motorcycle 

If you are the kind of person who rarely travels with more than a backpack, a motorcycle is ideal for you. It is an inexpensive and fun option, as long as you don’t mind occasionally getting rained on.

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