How To File a Car Accident Claim with Allstate

After a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, property damage, and other losses. Often, the first step is filing a car insurance claim to begin pursuing the monetary recovery you’re owed.

Allstate may be your or the other driver’s insurance company. In either case, you can contact them to file your collision claim. Filing an accident claim with Allstate involves certain key steps. 

Before Filing Your Claim

After an accident and before you file your insurance claim, there are some steps you should take to potentially help with your future claim. These important steps include:

Contact the Police

First and foremost, call 911. Inform the operator of what has just occurred, and ask for police assistance. If you or anyone else suffered injuries, make sure to ask for emergency medical aid as well.

Police play a critical role at the scene of an accident. They collect information and speak with the involved parties as well as eyewitnesses to get as many details and perspectives as possible. They then take this information and compile it into a police report. These reports can significantly help strengthen your insurance claim. 

Stay at the Scene of the Accident

Keep in mind that you should always stay at the scene of an accident. Under Texas law, drivers are not allowed to leave accident scenes. When a driver leaves the scene after causing an accident, this is considered a hit-and-run, which is illegal.

Fleeing an accident scene can negatively affect your claim in the future. 

Gather Information and Evidence

As soon as you can, collect important information and evidence, if possible. This could information include:

  • Contact and insurance information for the other party
  • Vehicle information
  • Photos and videos
  • Witness contact information

Any evidence and documentation you collect at the scene could be used for your collision claim. 

How To File a Collision Claim with Allstate

Before filing an insurance claim, it’s helpful to understand whether your state is a fault state or a no-fault state. Texas is a fault state, meaning you can pursue compensation through the at-fault driver’s insurance. In no-fault states, a driver’s personal injury protection (PIP) coverage is available to provide compensation.

If the at-fault driver’s insurance is Allstate, you can file your claim with them. This is called a third-party insurance claim, as you’re a third party filing a claim under someone else’s insurance.

Filing a third-party claim can help you cover many accident-related expenses, like those for medical bills and property damage. 

The process for filing a claim with Allstate is relatively straightforward. You can contact the insurance company directly by phone. If Allstate is your insurance company, you can also file a claim online using the Allstate MyClaim portal.

It is worth noting that even if Allstate is the other person’s insurer, you must still contact your insurance company to report your accident. Usually, you can file a third-party claim with the liable party’s insurance or ask your insurer to assist.

Once you’ve filed your claim, Allstate can begin working on the investigation of your collision. 

A Car Accident Lawyer Can Assist With Your Allstate Claim

After a car accident, you should consult with a qualified El Paso car wreck attorney. Your lawyer can provide personalized advice and guidance and help you take the next steps after your collision.

Filing an insurance claim is important. A skilled attorney can assist you with this task, along with any other task along the way, to ensure you get the most favorable outcome from your auto insurance claim. 

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