Brain Injury Statistics

Traumatic brain injuries happen often — car accidents, falls, and workplace accidents result in millions of these injuries every year. Some require first aid and close monitoring by a doctor, and the accident victim will heal over a few weeks or months and suffer no permanent brain damage.

However, some brain trauma causes much more severe consequences, such as coma or death. And those who do survive may have permanent physical, cognitive, or emotional disabilities. As a result, these victims may require expensive treatment and therapy. In many cases, they may never work again.

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How Mission Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help With a Brain Injury Case in San Diego, CA

How Mission Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help With a Brain Injury Case in San Diego, CA

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How Many People Suffer Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Doctors do not know how many people have suffered a traumatic brain injury, as many go undiagnosed and unreported. After all, a mild brain injury such as a concussion sustained in a slip and fall accident might only cause a headache and temporary confusion.

Among reported injuries, the most recent CDC statistics showed that 2.5 million people visit the emergency room with a traumatic brain injury each year. Of these, over 223,000 require hospitalization, and over 64,000 die.

This wide range of outcomes stems from the many different types of brain injuries that exist. Some of the most common forms are concussions, diffuse axonal injuries, contusions, hematomas, and anoxic injuries.


Concussions happen when the brain swells after getting jostled. This swelling results from mild damage to the brain tissue from the pressure on the brain as it sloshes in the skull.

Diffuse Axonal Injuries

Diffuse axonal injuries (DAIs) occur when the long fibers of brain cells tear apart, which is what happens when the brain moves violently. This injury, also called shaken baby syndrome, does not heal and often results in a coma or death.


A cerebral contusion occurs when the brain slams into the skull. A contusion or bruise in the brain can cause permanent brain damage.


Hematomas are the result of a blood vessel rupturing inside the brain. The ensuing bleeding deprives brain cells of oxygen, and the cells die from a lack of circulation. As blood accumulates, it squeezes the brain. The blood vessels are then constricted, and more areas lose circulation, causing more brain cells to die.

Anoxic Injuries

Anoxic injuries happen when your brain does not get enough oxygen for the following reasons:

  • Suffocation
  • Drowning
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Strangulation
  • Chest muscle paralysis

The severity of anoxic injuries depends on how long the brain goes without oxygen. After roughly four minutes without oxygen, the brain begins to suffer permanent damage.

Statistics About Brain Injuries

Brain injury statistics depend on your age. Children and seniors suffer more brain trauma than teens and younger adults. People over 75 years old account for 32% of hospitalizations and 28% of deaths from TBIs. Children experience 7% of TBI hospitalizations and 4% of TBI deaths.

A major reason for this disparity is the wide variety of events that cause brain injuries. Some causes of brain injuries include:


Falls are the most common cause of brain injuries. According to the National Safety Council, over 40% of brain injuries happen due to falls. These accidents include both elevated and same-elevation falls.

Elevated falls from ladders, roofs, stairs, and scaffolds tend to happen in work environments. In contrast, same-elevation falls caused by trips and slips can occur anywhere, including in businesses, parking lots, and your home.

When you hit the ground after a fall, you could suffer head trauma such as bumps, bruises, or even skull fractures. Even if you do not experience head trauma, your brain could be jostled enough to damage your brain.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Traffic crashes cause over 14% of brain injuries. These maladies can range from concussions in car accidents to fatal contusions in pedestrian accidents.

Workplace Accidents

Head trauma accounts for almost 6% of all workplace injuries. In 2020, head damage in the workplace injured over 68,000 workers.

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