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San Diego Pedestrian Accidents Attorney


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In a highly-populated area like San Diego, pedestrians are more prone to be struck by vehicles, oftentimes resulting in injury or even death. Pedestrian injuries and fatalities in Southern California require the dedicated expertise of top-rated San Diego pedestrian accident attorney like Mission Legal Center Personal Injury, so that you receive the compensation and justice afforded to you under California law.

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a great resource for information and statistics directly related to pedestrian accidents. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) also provides a very detailed annual report on motor vehicle collision injury in California using the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS).

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA):

  • Most pedestrian fatalities occur in areas at a non-intersection, with normal weather condition, at night
  • Nearly ½ of all pedestrian fatalities occur on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday
  • Approximately 26% of all pedestrian fatalities happen from 6-9pm
  • In 2013, 69% of the pedestrians killed in traffic accidents were males
  • In 2013, 4,735 pedestrians were killed in traffic collisions
  • The elderly account for approximately 16% of pedestrian fatalities
  • Children account for approximately 21% of pedestrian fatalities
  • A pedestrian is killed every 2 hours
  • A pedestrian is injured in a traffic crash every 8 minutes
  • In 2008, nearly 70,000 pedestrians were injured in a traffic crash
  • In car vs. pedestrian accidents, alcohol is the cause of nearly ½ of these accidents
  • In 2013, pedestrian deaths accounted for 14% of all traffic accident fatalities
  • 1/5 of the pedestrians killed in 2013 were struck by hit-and-run drivers

Pedestrian Injuries

Pedestrians are more vulnerable than their automobile driver counterparts. They dont have the luxury of seatbelts, airbags or roll bars to help protect them in an accident. Even when a vehicle is driving at a low rate of speed, the damage can be extensive and even fatal. As a result, pedestrians involved in car accidents in San Diego can easily suffer from a multitude of injuries including:

  • Serious brain and spinal cord injury
  • Bone fractures
  • Abrasions
  • Contusions
  • Face and neck injury
  • Pelvic injury
  • Emotional injury
  • Temporary or permanent disability
  • Coma
  • Death

What causes Pedestrian Accidents in San Diego?

Driver Error

  • Inattentive/distracted driving – driver is texting, talking on the phone, distracted by other passengers
  • Driver loses control – driver loses control of the vehicle due to bad weather, poor road conditions, lane changing, mechanical issues
  • Driver ignores traffic signs including stop lights and stop signs
  • Driver fails to yield to the pedestrian
  • Driver fails to give right of way to the pedestrian
  • Speeding – with parking an issue in Southern California, drivers carelessly speed in parking lots and streets to find a parking spot

After Youve Been Injured as a Pedestrian

If you suffered serious injury to a pedestrian accident, contact Mission Legal Center. We are San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys with a proven record of success in helping those who suffer from a serious injury, to receive the necessary medical attention, care and treatment you need, in addition to compensation for future care you may require. Call for a free consultation and case-specific guidance: 619-777-5555. You may also contact us or follow us on Facebook.

As a family owned and operated San Diego Personal Injury and Accident Law Firm, Mission Legal Center is conveniently located in Mission Valley – San Diego, California.

FAQs about Pedestrian Accidents in San Diego

Q: Who has the right of way, the pedestrian or the automobile in San Diego?

A: In California, pedestrians have the right of way as long as they’re crossing legally and safely, like in a crosswalk.

Q: What kind of vehicles can be involved in pedestrian vs. auto collisions?

A: Motorists (often intoxicated), commercial vehicles, semi-trucks, buses, taxicabs and public transportation vehicles can all result in injury to pedestrians in San Diego. Click here to read more about pedestrian injuries in San Diego County.

If you have any questions about filing a claim regarding an injury you’ve suffered as a pedestrian in San Diego County, contact a San Diego personal injury attorney today.

Q: What is a Pedestrian?

A: A pedestrian is anyone on foot: walker, jogger, runner; however, sometimes they can include a person on a skateboard, scooter, using skates and a person in a wheelchair.

Q: What should I do if Ive been involved in an accident with an automobile?

A: There are some basic things to do if youve been a victim of an accident:

    • Before anything else, seek medical attention. There could be serious injuries (like head injuries) that may not be visible or may not cause symptoms right away.
    • Call the police and have them complete a report.
    • Take pictures of the scene, the vehicle(s) involved and any injuries, especially those you may have sustained.
    • Retrieve the personal information and statements from any eyewitnesses. These first-hand witnesses can be invaluable for scene recreation later and/or to testify on your behalf.
  • Exchange information with the driver involved.
  • Do not accept any form of insurance settlement at the scene; insurance companies may be quick to offer a less than appropriate amount for compensation.
  • The next step would be to contact a professional San Diego personal injury attorney, who can provide guidance and answer any questions you may have.