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San Diego Dog Bite Injury Attorney


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With 4.7 million dog bites reported each year in the United States, San Diego unfortunately sees its fair share of dog bite injuries. However, dog owners are liable under most circumstances, affording dog bite victims the right to compensation for any injury and associated damages incurred.

If you or a loved one suffered from a dog bite injury in San Diego, retain the experience and legal expertise of a top rated San Diego personal injury attorney specializing in dog bite cases like Mission Legal Center Personal Injury today.

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The Statistics

Here are some additional facts regarding dog bite attacks:

  • The majority of dog bite attacks are perpetrated by male dogs, of which only 6% are neutered
  • In dog attacks resulting in a fatality, 25% were considered chained or otherwise secured
  • When dogs attack, dog bites in adults typically occur on the arms and legs, in small children they occur in the face
  • In the majority of dog bite injuries, the victims are familiar with the dog and its surroundings, with the attack typically occurring on the victim’s property

Most dog bite injuries result from direct contact with the animal however, physical contact is not always required to sustain injury. Dog attacks can induce psychological trauma, without causing physical injury.

Common Causes of Dog Bites & Injuries in San Diego

Dogs will bite or attack a person or persons for different reasons:

  • Bites occurring during play
  • Biting out of fear
  • Self-preservation or protection
  • Providing protection to their owners
  • Feeling ill
  • Biting out of fear

Dogs may bite other dogs for various reasons:

  • During play
  • To protect territory
  • Biting out of fear
  • To protect against a perceived threat against their owner(s)

The Next Step

If you have sustained an injury resulting from a dog attack in San Diego it is important that you follow the steps listed below to help preserve your rights as a victim:

  • If the injuries sustained are life threatening, seek medical attention.
  • Get the dog’s owner information.
  • Document injuries sustained in the attack, taking pictures if available of the scene of the incident and physical injuries. When documenting your injuries, consider the following:
    • During the attack, what happened?
    • Were there any witnesses to the dog bite attack
    • Was the attacking dog leashed? If your animal was attacked, was it leashed?
    • Report the dog bite incident to local animal control authorities. Animal control authorities have the ability to determine if the dog is/was rabid, or poses a threat to the local community.

Please note: The State of California provides special provisions for children under the age of five who have sustained an injury in a dog bite attack. If your child has suffered from a dog bite, the Mission Legal Center can help you understand what your rights are as a parent or guardian, and plan your strategy. Remember, that all cases are unique.

What to do after you’ve been bitten/injured by a dog in San Diego:

Only your licensed counsel should advise you regarding your strategy and approach, please contact the Mission Legal Center for additional details. You may also want to consider these facts about your case:

  • Because of your injuries, are you still able to maintain the same quality of life?
  • Because of your injuries, are you still able to maintain work in the same line of business?
  • Do you feel that a settlement or trial would be the best avenue to pursue a remedy for your situation?

The Mission Legal Center will help guide you through the many questions you may have regarding the law governing dog bites in the metropolitan San Diego area. Additionally, we can also help you build your case by taking additional investigative steps including:

  • Surveying the scene with additional photographs and videography
  • Consulting with the doctors involved in your case
  • Careful review of the evidence presented, that will help give your case the best possible outcome
  • Securing additional information from San Diego County Animal Control to understand the history, if any, of the dog involved.

The Mission Legal Center can help you determine a strategy and inform you of your rights; getting you the compensation you are entitled to, if you’ve been the victim of a dog bite or attack in San Diego. For more information and a free case evaluation please contact us at 619-777-5555. We are located in Mission Valley for your convenience. You may also contact us or follow us on Facebook.

FAQ’s Regarding Dog Bites in San Diego

Q: What steps can I take to prevent dog bite attacks from dogs in the neighborhood?

A: Refrain from approaching, or allowing your children to approach unfamiliar dogs. Likewise, report stray dogs to San Diego County Animal Control. Avoid disturbing sleeping feeding dogs, and stay away from dogs caring for puppies. It is also wise to prohibit children from playing with dogs unless supervised by an adult

Q: Is it more cost effective for me to negotiate on my own behalf after I’ve been bitten by a dog, rather than use a dog bit attorney for assistance?

A: Typically, insurance adjusters and negotiators will provide settlements that are valued at less than 25% of the case’s worth. As a victim, you deserve a settlement that is fair, equitable, and commensurate with the injuries sustained.

Q: Are dog bite injuries covered under a homeowners or renters insurance policy?

A: Many home owners insurance policies in California provide coverage for injuries sustained after a dog bite, but not all.

Q: The dog is not known to be vicious and is generally friendly, but I still was bitten. Can you help?

A: The State of California, to include San Diego has enacted the “One Bite Rule” law to act as a preventative measure to protect communities. This law makes dog owners responsible for the actions of their dog. For more information about your rights if you’ve been bitten by a dog in San Diego County, click here.

The personal injury lawyers at Mission Legal Center can help you determine a strategy and inform you of your rights; if you’ve been the victim of a dog bite or attack in San Diego County. For more information and a free case evaluation please contact us at (619) 564 – 4455. You may also Contact Us

Q: When considering attacks to individuals, are there some breeds that are more dangerous than others?

A: The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has compiled a list of what it considers to be the most dangerous dogs to humans, based on reported attacks.

  • Pit Bull
  • Rottweiler
  • German Shepard
  • Husky
  • Alaskan Malamute
  • Doberman
  • Pinscher
  • Chow Chow
  • Great Dane
  • St. Bernard
  • Akita

Q: Is there a statute of limitations for reporting dog bites?

A: If you have sustained an injury from a dog bite in the State of California, the statute of limitations is two years from the date of occurrence If you have sustained an injury, it is best to file your case as soon as possible. By filing early, you preserve evidence and increase the likelihood of receiving your settlement sooner.

Q: Should I collect information or other evidence from the dog bite incident to help my case?

A: Document injuries sustained in the attack by taking pictures. If possible, also take pictures of the surroundings and the physical injuries related to the attack.

Also document the following:

    • What happened during the attack?
    • Was the dog leashed?
    • Were there witnesses to the attack?
  • Additionally, report the incident to San Diego County Animal Control.