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San Diego Car Accident Attorneys


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Car accidents are an unfortunate reality for countless men and women each year in San Diego. From seemingly minor bumps and bruises, to car accidents resulting in extreme trauma, or loss of life, one fact holds true for all injured victims: you need a compassionate, skillful, and dedicated San Diego Car Accident Attorneys on your side.

Injuries from car accidents may be immediately obvious – in the case of wounds, lacerations, fractured or broken bones, or even worse. However, there are many injuries that result from car crashes that don’t show up immediately. Pain may emerge in the days that follow, or cognitive impairments may begin to appear weeks after an accident.

However, even though these injuries may not be visible to the naked eye, they are very real for the victim. Such injuries which may emerge following a car accident in San Diego may include soft tissue damage, including whiplash, or mild to severe brain injuries. Though these injuries don’t show on the outside, they can lead to lifelong physical pain, and lasting cognitive or emotional impairments. As such, if you’ve suffered this type of injury from a car accident in San Diego, you need an experienced personal injury Attorney who understands just how debilitating these types of injuries may be, so that they can effectively advocate for the full compensation you deserve.

At Mission Legal Center, we have precisely this type of expertise. Our top-rated Legal Team are not only injury lawyers; but have pre-med backgrounds which include extensive education in physiology and anatomy. That means that we are well equipped to work with your physicians to understand the full extent of your injuries, so that we can ensure that you receive you the treatment, procedures and/or medication and rehabilitation you need, along with the financial compensation necessary to pay for your rehabilitation.

In addition, our Senior Partner Rosalio Munoz brings an entirely unique, and comprehensive approach to law, as his past experience includes serving as a former Texas Court Judge. This experience, has given him a “big picture” perspective on the law, viewing each case from both the side of the injured victim, and from the insurance defense side. With these unique skill sets, experience and education, suffice it to say, Mission Legal Center’s clients received the benefit of a team of Attorney highly skilled in not on the art and science of law, but in the science of injuries from car accidents or other personal injuries.

Mission Legal Center in San Diego is also unique in that we are a family-owned and operated car accident and personal injury firm. Father and son trial attorneys Rosalio and David Munoz have been helping injured victims for several decades. Other family members also play a supporting role in the day-to-day operations of our Chula Vista, North County and Mission Valley personal injury firm offices. As a family owned firm, we insist upon making each car accident victim we work with, feel like a part of our family as well. We routinely meet with our clients in their homes, in addition to welcoming all to any of our three San Diego County offices.

At Mission Legal, our mission is to fight for those who have been injured in car accidents, boat accidents, aviation accidents, motorcycle accidents, or on another’s property, in San Diego. We are committed to treating each client with the utmost of professionalism, responsiveness and accessibility. In short, we are here, we keep you informed, and we return calls and emails quickly. As a firm, each member of our team strives to reduce your stress, by using our compassion, empathy, and expertise to help injured you move forward after a car accident, and begin rebuilding your life.

Our track record of success, serves as testament to victories we have achieved for our clients, while our incredibly flattering online reviews as a top-rated San Diego car accident legal firm, is evidence of our commitment to treating our clients with personalized, professional advocacy.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident, a commercial truck accident, or have been struck as a pedestrian, contact our team of top rated San Diego personal injury lawyers today. We are happy to provide you with a free consultation.

As a top reviewed San Diego Personal Injury Law Firm, we have offices in Mission Valley, Carlsbad, and Chula Vista.

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